Participant Stories




Tim had been deployed to Iraq, Afghanistan, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Oman, and Pakistan as a forward deployed engineer. If there was a problem in the Army, Navy, Marines, or any branch, his team would be sent to fix the problem. He had completed two tours in the Middle East in 2004 and 2005-2006. When he returned home, Tim realized that he was “at the height of being alert all the time.” He began having confrontations with individuals in his neighborhood, at work and, ultimately, with the police.



When John was first approached about participating in a program called MISSION-Vet he wasn’t sure if it was the right program for him. His case manager asked about his concerns, and described how MISSION-Vet was designed to help people in his position; those who struggle with addiction as well as other mental health issues. John learned that he would also get to work with a peer support specialist, another veteran who had gone through similar times, and after a few weeks of discussion, he decided to give it a shot.